What is Tango Legal?

August 25th, 2020

If you're a new visitor to our platform you're likely wondering what exactly is Tango Legal? This post aims to answer that question plus a couple more. First, let's get to the basics.

What is Tango Legal?

Tango Legal is a conversatonal A.I. platform that helps people find attorneys on smart devices.

Our platform is free to use and is designed to close the gap between people seeking answers to their legal problems and the local experts who can provide them.

Why is this service needed?

The idea of Tango Legal started from a simple use case that many of us are familiar with. Searching online. In particular, searching online for legal help. You see, before Tango Legal, this process was painful for both consumers and legal providers. Due to the complex nature of legal questions and the fragmented legal resources available online, searching for the simplest of answers has led to consumer confusion and ultimately unmet legal needs. If you've been in the legal world for a while, this is often referred to as the Access-to-Justice Paradox. Consumers are looking for legal help, Attorneys are looking for more Clients, where's the disconnect?

On the consumer side, there is a huge unmet demand for legal services. On the law firm side, 81 percent of lawyers say they are looking for more clients. This gap in access to justice, he said, is an enormous opportunity for firms that make the effort to be more entrepreneurial and deliver better customer service. - Above the Law

Who uses this service?

Tango Legal is used by the general public who have a legal question and are looking for a place to start. Our platform also lists trustworthy legal professionals in your area who can turn your questions into actionable next steps.

Where is Tango Legal available?

Tango Legal is currently available in North Carolina. We plan to roll out nationally in the coming months. Check back often or follow us online for updates as we launch in different states.

How can I use Tango Legal?

Using Tango Legal is easy. If you have a legal question, simply visit our homepage and type your legal question into the search form. From there, our AI will process your question and provide you an easy to understand answer as well as a list of legal professionals near you who can help you out.

You can also use Tango Legal directly on your Alexa or Google Home device.

To activate with Alexa, say "Hey Alexa, talk to Tango Legal" To activate with Google Home say "Hey Google, talk to Tango Legal" If you are a Legal Professional that would like to be listed on our platform and voice assistants, head over to our Legal Pros section for more information.

Does Tango Legal give Legal Advice to its users?

No. While we do provide legal answers, we do not provide legal advice. Our legal content team writes, curates, reviews, and publishes content from our internal team and publicly available sources.

  • We connect attorneys with clients seeking their services on over 150+ million smart devices. Our service provides targeted legal ads on Alexa and Google Assistants, opt-in new client lead generation and analytics.

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