How to get Alexa to read your firm's Client FAQs for free

July 1st, 2020

Ever wonder how to get Alexa or a Smart Speaker to read your client FAQs? Learn how client FAQs are perfect fit for voice technology and how you can get your firm's Client FAQs on Alexa for free.

Client FAQs are a great way to show your knowledge around a subject and quickly establish trust with potential clients online. It's no secret that FAQs have been a cornerstone on websites of legal professionals for years. They're useful bits of information and by design, they're typically written in plan language. Search engines (aka Google or Bing) will often display Client FAQs as a response to a user's query when searching for an answer to a legal question meaning that the "front door" to your website might actually be your FAQs page.

As new technology trends emerge, it's important that your website's content - especially client FAQs - is multi-channel and multi-platform. Conversational and Voice enabled devices are everywhere these days. Getting the right content on platforms such as Google Home and Alexa can be tricky but fortunately, Tango Legal offers conversational solutions for legal professionals and their clients.


The Voice Tech Renaissance is upon us

Quietly, voice technology has been embedded in our daily lives. According to NPR and Edison Research, over 53 million U.S. Adults now own smart speakers. Moreover, chatbots, smart watches, smartphones, appliances, and smart speakers have become vehicles for conversations in addition to their main functions. The underlying software of voice technology is something called Natural Language Processing (NLP). At a very high level, NLP allows computers to "understand" questions asked by a human. Alexa (Amazon) and Google have created their own NLP engines that allows applications to interact with their devices.

Amazon NLP

How to get Alexa to read your Client FAQs (what you came here for)

Now that you've had a quick lesson in NLP, you're ready to crank out your firm's FAQ voice bot right? Unless you've got some time to brush up on your software development skills, you might want to consider Tango Legal. We offer an easy, no-code solution to get your client FAQs and firm contact information on voice enabled devices including Google Home and Alexa. Here's how:

  1. Submit the form to let us know about your interest
  2. Include your firm's Name, Address, Phone, Email and Website
  3. Include the link to your website's FAQs page
  4. Wait for approval and confirmation notification from the Tango Legal Team
  5. Hear your Firm's FAQs on the Tango Legal Alexa Skill

If you have any questions about Tango Legal or would like to join our platform to access features such as custom chatbots, text messaging, client emails, and dedicated conversational services, hit us up at

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